About Us

Our company is offering hotels in UAE the opportunity to outsource their entire housekeeping department. It’s a complete Housekeeping solution that we offer to our clients for their existing and pre-opening hotels in Dubai.

We operate your entire housekeeping division at a fixed price per occupied room night. Therefore the entire cost is now variable and depending upon the occupancy level and not a fixed cost for the hotel operators anymore. Our “Ready Room” concept provides the rendering of the following services in an all-inclusive way: the cleaning of the hotel rooms, public areas, the supply of chemicals and equipments. Our aim is to provide a complete service to our clients.

Our service is a completely customized and after our initial review and consultation, we design a proposal based on the specific needs and requirements of your hotel.

Our value proposition is to be able to offer you a Guaranteed visible and measurable increase in the Quality without increasing your Housekeeping Budget.